Who is Gypsy Rose Blanchard's husband?

Who is Ryan Anderson? Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s husband who she married in prison

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released from prison yesterday

So yesterday, Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released from prison after serving eight years behind bars for the murder of her mother Dee Dee Blanchard in 2016.

In court, it was found that Gypsy’s mother had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a psychological disorder where a carer makes up fake symptoms or causes real symptoms to make the person they are caring for appear ill.

Gypsy Rose testified that her mother convinced doctors she had leukemia and muscular dystrophy, forcing her to use a wheelchair and an oxygen tank when she didn’t need it. She also claimed Dee Dee shaved her head and forced her to eat through a feeding tube.

As a result, Gypsy Rose and her ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, who is still in prison after being charged with first-degree murder, conspired to kill Dee Dee and stabbed her at their home in Missouri in 2015.

But after being granted parole she was released three years early and now she’s planning to try and meet Taylor Swift at the New Year’s Eve Kansas City Chiefs game as well as publishing her book in January 2024.

But in her first pictures since leaving prison, she was seen going to buy new shoes with her husband Ryan Anderson which has left a lot of people confused about who her husband is and how they met.


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So who is Ryan Anderson, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s husband who she married in prison?

Ryan Anderson is a middle school special education teacher from Saint Charles, Louisiana. He is known to be a big wrestling fan.

Gypsy plans to move with him to Louisiana now she’s been released and Ryan joked to PEOPLE that his being from Louisiana was one of the reasons she first started to speak to him: “She’s like, that was probably the main reason is you were from Louisiana and I wanted to make friends with people from Louisiana. So I credit that as being the most important thing is that I was just from Louisiana.”

How did Gypsy Rose Blanchard meet her husband?

Gypsy Rose met Ryan Anderson after he sent her a letter to her in prison in 2020. He was working in a hospital at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and his number of clients dropped from around 300 to 12.

The show Tiger King was popular at the time and his co-worker said she was going to write to Joe Exotic. He said that he would write to Gypsy Rose Blanchard if she wrote to Joe Exotic: “I said, ‘I’ll tell you what, if you write him, I’ll write Gypsy Rose Blanchard.'”


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After he sent it, he didn’t expect to hear back but in 2020 the two started a back-and-forth email conversation. Gypsy said she was drawn to how personal he was and the sacrifices he had made for his family including helping his mother raise his nephew.

They first met a year after they began talking, in 2021, due to the Pandemic. Gypsy said: “We met in 2020 when the pandemic was really, really strong, and I had a lot of emotional ups and downs because of COVID,” she told PEOPLE. “Unfortunately, it put the prison in a position to where it restricted our freedom even more. So Ryan has seen me through some really good times, some really hard times.”

She added: “I would say that he is probably the most compassionate soul that I’ve ever met, and the most patient, God knows, he’s so patient with me because I could be a little bit of a lot to handle. I could be a handful, an emotional handful.”

When did they get married?

Having had continuous email correspondence since 2020, Ryan and Gypsy obtained a marriage certificate on the 27th of June 2022, whilst she was still in prison. Then on the 21st of July, they got married in a small prison ceremony with no guests.

She said they plan on having a second wedding now she is out: “We do plan on having a reception/redo wedding with all of our family and our friends and the dress and the cake and everything because we deserve that. I deserve that. He deserves that.”


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“Our prison wedding was just something to where we can make our vows to each other. It was something that meant something to us. And I think the party is kind of for everybody else and us, but mostly for everybody else.”

What are Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson’s plans now?

Besides trying to meet Taylor Swift and writing a book, Gypsy said she wants to start a family with Ryan.

She said: “Whenever someone says, do you think that because of what you went through, you’re going to do that to your kids? And I said, You know what? Absolutely not. I have learned what not to do.

“I have other mother figures that are around in my life, friends that are mothers,” she said. “So I have a lot of good people around me to pull advice from when that time comes. I don’t think that there’s going to be a manual that says you’ve won mom of the year, but I definitely have no concerns about I think my parenting when it comes to that time.”

Who is Gypsy Rose Blanchard's husband?

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“I know the home that I’m going home to is with my husband, and I’m going to have a really supportive family dynamic,” she told PEOPLE. “And I think that that’s what I’ve been missing this whole time.”

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