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Inside Paul from The Traitors’ life when he’s not backstabbing everyone on the telly

His girlfriend is an influencer

After binging the first three episodes of The Traitors season two last week and having to wait an agonising week for the next episode, The Traitors UK was back last night and my god there was so much drama. We saw a traitor get banished, double-crossing, back-stabbing of course, the fake waterworks from Paul.

Paul turned on the waterworks at the round table and began crying saying he missed his family as soon as the heat was turned on him for being a possible traitor. So who is his family and what is Paul like when he’s not backstabbing literally everyone on The Traitors? Here’s everything we know.

He’s 36 and is a business manager from Manchester

Paul Gordon is 36 years old and is a business manager. He lives in Manchester with his long-term girlfriend Kate, their toy poodle dog Buddy and their two year old son Charlie.

His Instagram is FULL of pictures with his girlfriend and son doing really wholesome family things like walks, movie nights and meals out as well as shots of them on holiday in boujee places like Lake Como.

Who is his girlfriend Kate Waldron?

In interviews, Paul describes his girlfriend Kate as his “partner” and they’ve been together a long time. She is a model and content creator with over 127k followers on Instagram. The two had their first child together in 2022.

Paul said that if he was to win the money on the show, he would put the money towards a house for his family. “It’ll have to be a house,” he said.

“For myself, my partner, our little boy and our dog – I need to get us all a house! We’re renting at the moment and mortgage rates are just chaos, so if I can win the show or be part of a group of people that win the show then that is life changing for us.

“The family, the house, nothing glamorous really, there’s no cars, parties or holidays, it’s: we need a roof over our heads and then that will set us up for the rest of our lives. Or a Ferrari!”

Paul has been on telly before

If you were a big Deal or No Deal fan back in the day (do they exist?), you might actually recognise Paul as he appeared on the show back in 2010 when he was 22 years old and unemployed. He said at the time that along with winning the prize pot, he hoped that appearing on the show would launch his modelling career. Not so sure that one worked but there you go.

Then in 2012, Paul even had his own show called Guest for the Backflip on the Dutch Extreme Sports Channel where we attempted to learn to do a backflip on his bike. Judging by his Insta, Paul is massively into cycling and other sports. In July 2023 Paul posted a pic with him lying on the sofa with a get well soon balloon after he “took a bang in the ribs playing football” and his lung collapsed. Ouch.

Paul from The Traitors is also an aspiring comedian and has been on the TV a few times for this.

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