From shock son reveal to camp funeral: Diane from The Traitors’ most iconic moments ranked

‘But Ross is’ has changed culture forever

Diane from The Traitors, our fizzy rosé queen, will go down in history as the people’s princess forever.

In last night’s episode alone she had so many iconic moments. From her camp state procession to her coffin goodbye with Ross, that woman is cinema. But in her short yet sweet seven episodes of the show, this woman has changed lives forever with her iconic moments.

We paid our respects to our Di last night, but we must pay homage to how this woman made season two of The Traitors what it is.

So, from the iconic ‘But Ross is’ to her camp funeral, these are all Diane From The Traitors’ most iconic moments, ranked:

7. Her catching onto Harry in literally the first episode

Remember when the first episode came out and Twitter was full of memes about how Diane would run a school residential trip like the Navy? What an iconic time. From literally the first episode she became everyone’s fave and was onto a Traitor within minutes of the game even starting.

When Claud went around picking The Traitors and tapped Harry’s shoulder, our Diane listened for a change in his BREATHING and nailed him straight away. Get that woman in the FBI!

6. ‘I didn’t raise you to be sneaky’

Diane The Traitors iconic moments


All of the secret conversations between Diane and her son Ross were peak television. When they were arguing about her roast dinner? Perfect. Her telling him off in her glorious teacher voice because she didn’t raise him to be sneaky? Sublime.

5. Her finding out who The Traitors are

— The Traitors HQ (@the_traitors_) January 17, 2024

Okay so, this might be cheating given it was on last night’s episode of Uncloaked rather than the actual show but it was way too good not to include. I want Mother calling Miles a wee shit tattooed on me please x

4. Serving in the coffin

Diane The Traitors iconic moments


When Diane was lying in that coffin I think everyone’s heart rates went up a dangerous amount. But the secret little bye between Ross and Diane set me off so hard. The TRAUMA that poor boy has gone through watching a fake funeral for his own mum. Madness.

3. Her workout VT

Diane The Traitors iconic moments

THIS. This was one of the first moments Diane was first solidified as the people’s princess. Need Diane to drop a 90s-style workout vid ASAP, please.

2. Her state funeral

I fear that this whole episode has changed culture forever. There was no better way to send our girl off than a whole funeral procession with horses and a choir. Thank GOD they got rid of the silly little challenges and let us pay our respects to Diane.

Also big shoutout to Diane for delivering her final kiss of death to Miles by whispering to Paul that if she dies then he’s a traitor. Our queen getting the last laugh as she should!

1. ‘But Ross is’

Of course, what else could take the top spot than the best twist to happen to reality TV like EVER? Just three words: “But Ross is” and lives were changed forever.

This whole scene needs to be hung in the Louvre. I don’t think there’s ever been a collective gasp as big as this moment. The delivery of her line? Sheer perfection. This is high camp and the world will never be the same again.

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