The All Stars web: How all the Love Islanders knew each other before the show

Is there a single Islander who didn’t already know someone?

With All Stars, the Love Island web of Islanders knowing one another is truly doing its thing. In a regular series, we usually get one or two Islanders who have crossed paths before, maybe a ring girl and a boxer, or a couple who have met in a club and not spoken since. But when the villa is full of ex Islanders who have been on the circuit for years, they all pretty much know of each other.

It’s getting a little out of hand now with how many bombshells come in and confess “history” with someone already in the villa. I’ve heard it all before!

As it’s now getting hard to track who knows who and where from, here is a full breakdown of the Love Island: All Stars web, and how the Islanders knew each other before the villa. You’re welcome!

Liberty and Jake

The Love Island All Stars web of how the Islanders already knew each other

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The first big shock of Love Island: All Stars, and what made it clear there was going to be a web of Islander history, was when Liberty and Jake were both in the initial lineup. Liberty and Jake coupled up on day one of Love Island 2021, and made it all the way to the week before the final before dramatically splitting and quitting the show together.

Obviously nothing happened when they came back on All Stars together, and Jake quit because he felt he couldn’t crack on with his ex there. Yikes.

Molly and Callum

The next big twist was when Callum entered as a bombshell and had to steal a girl to couple up with, or he could get back with his ex Molly, who then waltzed in as a second bombshell. The couple split up over three years after getting together on the 2020 show, and both Molly and Callum have been talking to the new Islanders about the reason behind their breakup.

Liberty, Kaz and Demi

Everyone knows Kaz and Liberty became besties during Love Island 2021, but after the show, probably in the world of influencing and PR events, the girls befriended Demi, too.

Kaz and Tyler

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Kaz and Tyler were coupled up during Love Island 2021, and left the show in a relationship. In December 2021, just three months after leaving the villa, it was revealed Kaz and Tyler were no longer together. They became the first couple from that season to end their relationship.

After finishing on the show in fourth position, it was initially reported Kaz and Tyler couldn’t see a future together anymore but wanted to remain friends. However, Kaz then did a YouTube video talking about the breakup, and said she didn’t feel “appreciated” by Tyler when they were together.

Toby and Georgia S

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In September 2023, Toby and Georgia met whilst both filming for Love Island Games. They coupled up on the show, and then were flirting and kissing in the villa.

On day nine of Love Island Games, Georgia and Toby got dumped from the spin-off show together. Toby said in his exit interview: “I came out with a beautiful girl, and that was always the goal, so Love Island part two worked!”

Toby and Arabella

The Love Island All Stars web of how the Islanders already knew each other

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Arabella and Toby also revealed they had “history” when she entered the Love Island: All Stars villa as a bombshell. Arabella said she and Toby dated “a year and a half ago” and told Demi the pair slept together, with Toby confirming they were texting for a while.

Prior to All Stars, Arabella said: “Toby, we hooked up in the summer. There is a little bit of unfinished business there.”

Georgia H and Hannah

Since being on series three, Georgia has made loads of Islander mates from being in the same industry and attending events together. But, it seems she and Hannah have a friendship from before all that, as Georgia has been sharing photos of them on Instagram from way before she was in the villa, where she calls Hannah her “bestie”. There are photos of them both from 2017, when Georgia was in her TOWIE era.

Georgia H and Josh

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Georgia and Josh are another pair of All Stars Islanders who have dated in the past. During Love Island: All Stars, Georgia explained she and Josh have known each other for around ten years. She told the girls they had an instant “flirtation” and kissed the first time they met.

Georgia and Josh got together in 2022, and shared pictures together in March that year. They even pretended they were expecting a baby during their relationship.

Georgia said they were “dating for a little bit” and described the relationship as “going in a good direction”. She then explained it all came to an end after an argument on holiday in Ibiza. She said “we had a really big argument in Ibiza over a club table” and added she thought when they were together it was just “not the right time” for them.

Arabella and Tom

The Love Island All Stars web of how the Islanders already knew each other

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When 2023’s Tom Clare walked into the Love Island: All Stars villa, it was pretty clear he was going to make the web even more messy. It was revealed he had briefly dated Arabella, “over the summer”. It’s not entirely clear when, because he was also meant to be dating Georgia Steel then and Arabella was in a relationship, but the pair confirmed they had been a thing in the past.

Arabella and Josh

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Arabella has been pretty open about which boys she’s had things with in the past, but one she seems to have not mentioned is a brief situation with series one’s Josh Ritchie.

Three years ago, after meeting Arabella after they both filmed Celeb Ex in the City, Josh boasted about going on secret dates with her, and called Arabella his soulmate. The pair met after filming for the show had wrapped, and in an interview with Heat, he said: “Me and Arabella FaceTime each other. Arabella loves me and I love her. We’re lifelong companions… soulmates.”

Georgia S and Tom

The Love Island All Stars web of how the Islanders already knew each other

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Georgia and Tom were seeing each other over the summer of 2023. Tom and Georgia said they got “really close” whilst on holiday with some fellow Islanders from different Love Island series. They posted TikToks together, before things “fizzled out” and they didn’t talk upon their return to the UK.

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