All of Us Strangers licking

This is what Paul Mescal actually licked off Andrew Scott’s chest in All of Us Strangers

‘It was actually quite tasty’

Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal’s new film All of Us Strangers is finally out and I have literally never seen a film more heartbreaking but so, SO sexy at the same time. I have been staring at the wall and listening to The Power of Love ever since I got back from the cinema.

The ending twist of the film was literally so confusing, but before that, there were so, SO many sex scenes. And just as everyone was recovering from Barry Keoghan slurping yoghurt out of a bath plug hole in Saltburn, All of Us Strangers sees Paul Mescal licking jizz off Andrew Scot’s chest. But what was he ACTUALLY licking in real life?

So, what was Paul Mescal actually licking off Andrew Scott’s chest in All of Us Strangers?

Well, in a Q&A interview with Capital, someone asks: “Paul, loved the steamy scenes, what did you actually lick off Andrew’s chest?”

All of Us Strangers licking

Via Searchlight Pictures

Paul Mescal laughs before replying: “So, there’s a scene in All of Us Strangers where I’m licking bodily fluids off his chest in the world of the story. But what it actually was, is a cake mixture. It’s like sugary. But I remember being fixated before we were filming I was like what’s that gonna be?”

He added: “It was actually quite tasty.” People are gonna be coming out with Andrew Scott jizz cake recipes now after the Jacob Elordi bathwater candles, I can just feel it.

This has to be a step up from the concoction of “yoghurt and a bit of milk and some water” that they made poor Barry Keoghan slurp from a grimy plug hole in Saltburn, though.

Brb adding licking cake mixture off Andrew Scott’s chest to my 2024 bucket list.

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