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Shaughna thinks Molly is ‘going to get hurt again’ on Love Island: All Stars

And thinks Callum looks at her ‘like a stranger’

Love Island alumni Shaughna has weighed in on the whole Molly and Tom situation in the Love Island: All Stars villa, and it’s not looking great. Shaughna thinks that things are “going to get intense” in the villa this week, and she’s worried that Molly is “going to get hurt again” because of Tom and Georgia.

Shaughna said: “I predict things are going to get intense in the villa this week. It seems like Georgia S and Tom can’t keep their hands or eyes off one another. They have definitely got a spark.

“But then I saw Molly and Tom in bed, kissing, and I just think Molly is going to get hurt again, after all the drama already with Callum.

“I think Georgia and Tom will end up being a couple because there is just something undeniable between the pair of them. Georgia already admitted that she’s more sexually attracted to Tom than Callum, which makes me think it won’t work out with the latter.”

Shaughna also said her thoughts on the dynamic between Callum and Molly in the Love Island: All Stars villa, revealing she thinks Callum “looks at Molly like a stranger, which I find strange, considering they had a three-year relationship.”

Really hoping Shaughna is wrong and Molly doesn’t end up being majorly hurt by Tom, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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