Clubbers of the Week: Week 19 because exams made us scream

Pretend it rhymes

If your New Year’s resolution was to consume various amounts of morally illicit alcohol and be posted online through a certain news outlet in Lincoln, then you can tick that off your list. Because this Clubbers of the Week has a certain aura to it. As the end of January approaches however, we seldom see our new years resolutions come to a slow halt, so to make ourselves feel better, there is no better idea than going out on the town and pretending you went through with it. So with entries from multiple clubs, roll on the weekend.

Album of the week

Odd way of spelling Tab Lincoln

Runners up

Me after being caught putting my tinder matches as Stunners of the week. Again.

Lightning and Thunder

Hero/Heroine of the week

Moving in to kiss the camera guy and share the love

Runners up

Girls in the smoking area when I say I write for Tab Lincoln (applications are open)

Creeper of the week

Who is this man?

Runners up

Every single emotion on a night out

WTF of the week

Avid single use plastic enjoyer

Runners up

Get this man his Golf caddy keys

Stunners of the week

If only Superbull was my tinder match

Runners up

The Authentic Man Killer Lincoln

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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