Review: Run For Your Life

The sketch show about disasters was far from being one itself

Run For Your Life is a hilarious and thought-provoking student sketch show that ponders on the numerous ways in which the world could meet its end. With clever and witty humour, the show’s comedians navigate through various doomsday scenarios – from the mundane to the absurd.

The sketch show stars Steven Balac, Helen Brookes, Lucy Miller, Rachel Stuart, Thomas Sweeney and Vivian Wang, all of whom showed themselves to be extremely talented writers and performers.

Image Credits: Sophie Petrie

My favourite sketch was a reenactment of a scene from Fleabag. Although 90 per cent of this scene was stolen material,  the most likely disaster, as helpfully pointed out by director Isaac Tompkinson, was a potential legal disaster – a somewhat tenuous link to the show’s premise, but it was there nonetheless.

Other highlights included a Nigella Lawson parody, a bomb threat turned happy birthday surprise and an absurd abidance to road safety rules during a zombie apocalypse.

Image Credits: Sophie Petrie

Director Isaac insisted (/gaslit) that the few minor mistakes in the show (including two performers falling victim to collapsing chairs) were part of the routine, and will be repeated on the following nights. Although I somewhat doubt it, I do encourage you to find out for yourselves, by getting tickets here. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Run (For Your Life) to the Pembroke New Cellars Website to buy tickets. (Yeah, I hated the pun too.)

The show is RUNning (For Your Life) (someone stop me, it wasn’t that funny the first time) from Tuesday the 6th of February – Saturday 10th February, 9pm, at Pembroke New Cellars.

Feature image credits: Sophie Petrie

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