It’s official, these are the state schools sending the most students to Oxbridge in 2024

One of them gets more Oxbridge offers than Eton

Ask anyone about the reputation of Oxford and Cambridge students and you’re gonna get some Saltburn-esque response about private school siggy ring wearers who say rah unironically and still call their parents mummy and daddy when they go back to their mansions in the home counties.

But, whilst there are still a lot of students like that kicking about Oxbridge, the percentage of Oxford and Cambridge students who went to private school is decreasing year on year. In 2023, 28.2 per cent of Cambridge students are privately educated, leaving the other 71.8 per cent of students coming from a state school or grammar school. This is a decrease from last year when 30 per cent of Cambridge students went to private schools. And at Oxford, 31.4 per cent of students come from a private school leaving 68.6 per cent of students state or grammar school-educated.

Cambridge’s Vice Chancellor Prof Deborah Prentice has recently said she was concerned admissions were skewed and she wanted the uni to “serve as a whole”, encouraging applications from a wider selection of backgrounds. But if non-private school applications and acceptances are increasing which are the state and grammar schools sending the most students there?

With the highest number of applications is Brampton Manor Academy in East London which sent 89 students to Oxbridge. This is the highest number in the country, even overtaking fancy private schools like Eton College and St Paul’s School.

This is the first time a state school secured more Oxbridge offers than any private school, according to The Telegraph. 90 per cent of students at Brampton Manor secure straight As or A*s in their A-Levels.

Brampton Manor Academy (Via Facebook)

Following Brampton Manor is Hills Road Sixth Form which got 78 students into Oxbridge – 51 into Oxford and 27 into Cambridge.

These are the top 20 UK state and grammar schools sending the highest number of students to Oxbridge in 2024:

20. St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School – 13 students

19. Truro and Penrith College – 13 students

18. The Cherwell School – 16 students

17. Newham Collegiate Sixth Form – 19 students

16. King Edward VI College – 19 students

15. Hereford Sixth Form College – 20 students

14. Camden School for Girls – 20 students

13. Sir John Deanes College – 20 students

12. Dame Alice Owen’s School – 25 students

11. Loreto College – 25 students

10. Barton Peveril College – 25 students

9. Woodhouse College – 29 students

8. Greenhead College – 30 students

7. London Academy of Excellence – 31 students

6. King’s College London Mathematics School – 33 students

5. Harris Westminster Sixth Form – 40 students

4. Peter Symonds College – 44 students

3. Brighton Hive and Sussex Sixth Form College – 45 students

2. Hills Road Sixth Form College – 78 students

1. Brampton Manor Academy – 89 students

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