How to find Spotify’s secret game, where you can play Snake with your playlists

I had no idea this existed and I am SHOOK

Over the weekend, I almost fell off my sofa when I saw pals on Twitter / X playing the classic mobile game Snake on Spotify. Spotify is known for its little hidden features, but usually I’m hot on them and don’t really miss a track – but I had no clue this existed. Especially with the fact that I was obsessed with playing Snake on my little Nokia back in the day, I can’t believe I missed this. Here is how to find Snake on Spotify and eat your playlists.

Go to the playlist you want to chomp

Click on one of your playlists, and when you’re on it click the little ‘…’ This will give you several options to choose from, but go to the bottom and you’re looking for ‘eat this playlist’.


When you click on it, the Snake game will pop up and Spotify will shuffle the songs in your playlist. Each song in your playlist will play a snippet of the music til you chomp it, and then normal Snake rules apply.

I can’t tell you how obsessed and addicted I am to this feature.

It will also give you a high score, and I currently can’t beat 71 when my playlist has 250 songs in it, so you can imagine I’m feeling equal parts miffed and competitive.

Spotify is literally the GOAT when it comes to hidden features. More of this please.

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