‘I was verbally harassed’: MAFS Australia’s Jack releases scathing statement about his ex

He’s recently had a restraining order against her granted

It’s been previously reported that Married at First Sight Australia 2024 groom Jack has had a restraining order against his ex, Courtney Jade, who he supposedly dumped ahead of the experiment. Now, Jack has released a full statement about the legal action against his ex, and he hasn’t held back in saying what he thinks about what’s been going on since MAFS Australia started.

Earlier in the season, Jack was accused of breaking up with an ex to appear on the show. He brushed the whole relationship off as “not serious” to him, and Tori, who he is married to on the show, stood by him. Courtney Jade has had a lot to say about Jack, talking about their messy relationship and how when he was actually filming for MAFS Australia 2024, she claims Jack told her he was “moving to America for work opportunities.”

Due to the new order, Courtney will reportedly no longer be able to talk about Jack or their relationship. She must also stay away from Jack, and not contact him.

MailOnline reports the order says Courtney “must be of good behaviour towards the aggrieved and not commit domestic violence against the aggrieved.” She must also not make any attempt to contact Jack or make “adverse comments” about him online or “approach or remain within 100 metres” of him, except when appearing in court.

MAFS Australia 2024 groom Jack releases statement about ex Courtney Jade

via Channel 9 / E4

Now, since this has been revealed, Jack has provided a statement about what’s going on, and called Courtney’s messaging him “relentless”.

“From the day I ended the relationship I was verbally harassed and abused via text messages, phone calls, voicemails and emails,” he’s claimed. “Over 5,000 receipts worth. Post filming… the severity of the communications I was receiving from Courtney only intensified.”

He added: “I had only known Courtney for three-four months, from our very first encounter to the day I ended our relationship. Given the nature of the relentless communication and trolling online I deemed it necessary to seek advice and file for a protection order for myself and my loved ones.”

Jack concluded: “This is the first and final comment regarding this issue. My family and I wish Courtney all the best on her journey of self-discovery.”

Courtney has not commented.

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