Ok, is the Palm Royale real? All you need to know about the boujee Apple TV+ country club

Need a membership ASAP

Only three episodes of Palm Royale have been released on Apple TV+ so far and already its got us all hooked with its hot weather and high drama depiction of the ongoings at Florida’s most exclusive country club. We see Maxine Simmons (Delacourt) lie and manipulates her way into a membership— and now everyone watching has been wondering if they can do the same too.

So, in case you’re curious about whether the Palm Royale is a real country club in Florida, how you get accepted as a member and how much it actually costs to get yourself through the doors, here’s everything you need to know:

So, is the Palm Royale country club actually real?

Palm Royale

Credit: Apple TV+

Devastatingly, the Palm Royale Country Club isn’t a real place. However, it does take inspiration from multiple places you can actually visit. “[It’s] an amalgam of real-life places in Palm Beach,” Jon Carlos, the series’ production designer told Conde Nast Traveller. “The Breakers, The Everglades Club, The Bath & Tennis Club – but we needed to create a fictional version for our story,” he explained.

“Our Palm Royale pool looks like theirs, very feminine and pink…Historically, The Colony Hotel held a lot of fashion shows poolside – Slim Aarons photographed them – so we picked up on the dominance of fashion in that space in the show.”

Ok, but then where was Palm Royale filmed for the show?

Palm Royale

Credit: Apple TV+

Surprisingly, Palm Royale was actually filmed in Los Angeles, not Florida, even though the story is set in Palm Beach. Lots of the show’s exterior shots were taken at The Ebell in Los Angeles and on sound stages. However, some of the production team did go to Palm Beach to film aerial shots and establishing shots of the area to set the scene.

“We were fortunate that much of the development of Los Angeles in the 1920s and 30s was occurring around the same time as Palm Beach, so there is a nice mirroring of architectural style,” Jon told Conde. “We felt there wasn’t anywhere better that we could ‘cheat’ than Los Angeles…Even if we went to Palm Beach, a lot of it has changed since ’69 so we were going to have to augment or change it back.”

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