Right, here’s how to do the viral AI PlayStation edit all over Twitter and TikTok right now

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All my social media this weekend has been filled with people putting themselves or album covers through a PlayStation filter, and whilst it differs on whether they’re going for PS1 or PS2 the vibes are off the chart. We all love a bit of digital nostalgia, don’t we girlies! There are a few methods on how you can PlayStation AI edit yourself, so here’s a quick guide to the trend and how you can do it yourself.

The album covers

Twitter user @wxrldprinceii has been at the forefront of this PlayStation AI edit era, with him sharing album covers in the PlayStation style and almost every single one of them going viral. He’s taken on all kinds of artists, like Lana Del Rey, Grimes and Caroline Polachek.

And so many of them honestly slay.

The second Polachek one here has hit nearly 42,000 likes on Twitter.

@wxrldprinceii also shared a tutorial of how you can make these yourself.

The tutorial will guide you on how to set up an account on the AI software that creates the best examples of the video game PlayStation edit, but be warned you do have to set up billing details. According to @wxrldprinceii, it’s only $0.015 per image, though.

The CapCut TikTok edit


So cool #CapCut #ai #ps2 #ps2filter #fyp #playstation


Although not quite as satisfying as the ones all over Twitter, this CapCut template one on TikTok is a good alternative that’s also trending, and you don’t need your card details. Just make sure you have CapCut downloaded and when you watch the trend on TikTok press the button that takes you over to CapCut and you can let AI do the filter for you in seconds.

This trend has come at the perfect time for me, tbh – just as I’m obsessed with Tomb Raider all over again.

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