Seven Guinness down: We found Edinburgh’s best pint so you don’t have to

You’re so very welcome x

Following on from St Patrick’s day, we know you’re all dying to find a decent pint that is actually worth the prices you’re paying.

Without a clear plan of action, it’s easy to get lost in the frenzy; in order for you to more tactfully find that ice cold pint, we pub-hopped through Old town, masterfully tasting and evaluating the bitter brown drink that is undisputedly regarded as the cornerstone of Edinburgh’s student pub culture.

Wondering where to find the dreamiest pint of Guinness in Edinburgh? Read our personal ranking below:

7. Cold Town House

Price: £6.50… Yikes

Pour: 3/5

Coldness: Okay

Atmosphere: Very suave, but much more ‘sophisticated craft beer’ than Guinness. Good spot if your mum is in town.

General: Our last stop; not everyone had the stamina to continue hence the one Guinness pictured.

6. The Southsider

Price: £4.60

Pour: POOR. 2.5/5, was left to settle for about 12 seconds (insufficient)

Coldness: Not as cold as it should be

Atmosphere: Edinburgh student classic, bonus points for being in view of an Irish flag and for the price-point. As for the drink itself, it could do with some improvement.

5. The Three Sisters

Price: Tbc

Pour: ?/5 – was out of view. Mysterious. Good level of froth.

Coldness: Good

Atmosphere: Music was deafening but that would be more than acceptable with a live performance from Jedward !!!!!!!!!

General: Will have to queue at 5am if you want any chance of making it past the gates

4. Biddy Mulligans

Price: £6.38

Pour: 3.5/5

Coldness: Chilly

Atmosphere: Made a bold claim with a self-declared ‘world-renowned’ status on the website, but did not disappoint.

General: Price-point is the biggest drawback in Biddy’s ranking. Again, bring your parents if they are paying.


Price: Tbc

Pour: 4.5/5

Coldness: Moderate

Atmosphere: We accidentally interrupted a pub quiz halfway through, but typically very solid.

General: Another one to wake up at sunrise for but perfect for a post-drink Irish Jig.

2. Brass Monkey

Price: £4.30

Pour: 4/5

Coldness: Excellent

Atmosphere: Electric. Not a traditional Irish pub, but being able to recline on a bed and journey through decades of music and film with a pint in hand is hard to beat.

General: Reading certain entries of Fess Up Friday may deter you from this pub but we loved it.


Price: £6.05

Pour: 5/5 BEST, settled for a good amount of time and topped up to perfection

Coldness: Arctic-level cold

Atmosphere: Only the attendance of St Patrick himself could have amplified the joy we felt in drinking this pint. Left with exactly the buzz you would expect from a warm, sprightly Irish pub in the Old Town.

General: As shown in the image, the high price point did not deter us from gobbling this Guinness down

Hopefully now you can find a decent pint in this pub riddled city – you’re welcome x

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