Wait, Timothy was secretly married for SEVEN years before MAFS Australia 2024?!

He and his ex wife ‘talk regularly’ and are ‘still good friends to this day’

So guys, it turns out Timothy Smith from MAFS Australia 2024 was married before the experiment. He was in a relationship all together for over nine years before Married at First Sight, and is still in regular contact with his ex wife now.

Ahead of appearing on the show, Timothy said his last relationship ended six years ago, and he had “forgotten what it feels like to be in a partnership” and now “knows that he wants to feel butterflies and excitement when his bride walks down the aisle.”

According to the So Dramatic Podcast, which always has receipts and provides the tea, MAFS Australia 2024 wasn’t Timothy’s first rodeo, and he was actually married once before he walked down the aisle with Lucinda.

Timothy was married before MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

One of Timothy’s friends told the podcast host Megan Pustetto it was never mentioned on the show, but Timothy got married when he was 19 to an east Indian woman. They met in Vancouver, Canada, and then she moved to Queensland to live with him.

Apparently she was homesick in Australia, and wanted to go back to Canada to be with her family and elderly parents, but Timothy couldn’t go with her unless they were married. After two years together, the couple got married at a registry office in Queensland and moved to Canada together.

They were married for seven years before getting a divorce, which So Dramatic has claimed was over “cultural differences”. According to the podcast, things became “difficult” between the couple because of her family not approving of Timothy. Timothy and his ex wife are said to be “still on good terms” and “talk regularly” as they are “still good friends to this day.”

Why were we not told this?!

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