It seems like Jack has a flat key but Tori doesn’t and MAFS Australia Twitter is WORRIED

‘What if she wants to go out? Does she have to seek Jack’s permission?’

Another horrid twist in the Jack and Tori story on Married at First Sight Australia tale has occurred last night, in a weird moment at the end of the MAFS episode where it seems like Tori doesn’t have her own key to the apartment she shares with Jack.

The backlash came after Jack made a comment about Tori still coming home with him, to which Tori replied that she had no choice because Jack was the one who had the key. This lead people on social media to worry about whether Tori has one at all, and the implications it could have if only Jack had access to the apartment.

Some viewers went as far to call it “chilling”.

Everyone wants to know also whether this is a cast thing, like perhaps all couples just have the one key between them.

Another viewer called it “dangerous behaviour”, and questioned whether Tori has to ask Jack’s permission if she wants to go out anywhere if there’s only one key between them. It just seems, at best, like a logistical frustration. At worst, it seems like a hellish situation.

The Tab has reached out to the channel to find out more info on this, and if the key situation is Jack and Tori specific or if it’s something across the whole MAFS Australia cast. I need to know, because the end of the episode was jarring to say the least.

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