Producers ‘screamed’ at Jayden and Eden after they broke a major MAFS Australia 2024 rule

The couple are ‘in hot water’ with Channel 9

MAFS Australia 2024 producers are said to be majorly annoyed with golden couple Jayden and Eden, after they broke a primary rule of the show.

According to Daily Mail Australia the couple are in “hot water” with Channel 9, following a secret meet up during the show. A rule cast members have to abide by is that they cannot meet up with cast members from previous seasons, and it’s been reported that Jayden and Eden enjoyed a meet up with ex MAFS cast members, Melinda WillisAlyssa Barmonde and Tahnee Cook.

It’s strictly forbidden for people taking part in the experiment to catch up with other cast members from seasons before theirs, and ask them for advice on anything to do with the show. Daily Mail Australia is reporting Eden “reached out to Tahnee for advice” and the pair struck up a friendship.

Jayden and Eden are said to have spent several hours chatting about their time on the show, before the couple received texts from crew members asking for their whereabouts. They eventually made their way back to Skye Suites. The couple had broken their weekend curfew of 10pm and didn’t get back to where they were staying until way past 11pm.

“Producers were screaming at them but it was the end of the road and there was nothing anybody could do about it,” an insider said. The report adds that this year the cast members were housed at Sky Suites Green Square, which was a choice made by producers to “stop them going AWOL” as previous season’s cast members had done.


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