Um, The Traitors series three is in chaos after applicants were plotting to win the £120K

Messages were discovered from potential cast members conspiring in group chats

The Traitors casting for series three is allegedly in chaos after candidates were found ‘plotting in group chats’, according to reports.

The potential Traitor and Faithful candidates for the next series had allegedly made secret group chats where they had code words to try and work together to bag the £120,000 prize pot. The applications for The Traitors series three are apparently in the second round of interviews stage when production company Studio Lambert was made aware of the plotting.

According to an anonymous source who spoke to The Sun, “The group chats spoke about using code words. If they were chosen as a Traitor, they were going to say ‘I’m feeling hotter than usual today, anyone else?’ Traitors would answer ‘yes’, Faithfuls ‘no’”.

“They agreed to split the prize pot. Some were just interested in fame and had fake arguments planned to get more airtime,” the source told The Sun.

Claudia Winkleman is set to return to host for series three after the success of this year’s second, where Harry won the full cash prize in a solo Traitor victory. The chaos will have rocked the casting process, which apparently saw 300,000 applicants trying to get on the show for series three. In contrast, season one saw only 3000 applicants. It is a monster hit, and this messy chaos seems crazy.

When The Tab approached the BBC for comment on this, they declined. 

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