Ash spills all about ‘traumatic’ MAFS marriage where Madeleine ‘exploded’ at him off camera

‘An absolute sh*t show – wild, traumatic, crazy’

Ash and Madeleine have become the latest couple to skip out on the MAFS Australia 2024 experiment, after deciding it wasn’t working out for them so they called it quits and headed home.

Viewers were told that despite Ash voting to “stay” during the commitment ceremony the day before, the pair had since “had a change of heart and they’d come to an amicable decision to leave”.

During their short time in the experiment, Ash and Madeleine definitely had some wild moments and ups and downs. From them sitting down to dinner and Madeleine having a psychic moment whilst Ash just had to sit and watch, to her eating beef and then crying when they visited the cows the next day. It was a lot.

Now, Ash has reflected on his marriage and revealed some bits that went down that the viewers didn’t get to see. Speaking to Channel 9 he called his relationship with Madeleine “strange” and said there were “traumatic” moments between them.

Ash and Madeleine on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

“It was crazy. From getting married to our honeymoon, it was just insane,” he said. “Madeleine dancing on tables, crying over cows and then eating meat… just an absolute shit show. Wild, traumatic, crazy. In terms of how she’d speak to me and how she’d speak to others… she told me she loved me, I was like, that’s strange.”

At their final commitment ceremony as a couple on the show, Ash voted to “stay” and Madeleine voted to “leave”. In a further interview, Ash has explained a lot more happened off camera between them in this moment. He said there was “an explosion” at the commitment ceremony from Madeleine, and said “she was just screaming at me.”

“She was saying she was vulnerable, she opened up to me, she said she came here for love and I messed it all up,” he said. “I was looking at her like, ‘what are you talking about?'”. He said a lot of the other couples from the show have since watched back everything that went down, and apologised to him for giving him a hard time.

Ash also said Madeleine took “no accountability” when asked by the experts if she could see how her behaviour might be affecting Ash.

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