Ella May Ding just absolutely dragged Jayden from MAFS Australia on a podcast

She didn’t hold back, obviously

If there’s one icon never far from any Married at First Sight Australia drama, it’s the 2022 MAFS legend herself Ella May Ding – and now she’s weighed in on the 2024 cast by absolutely dragging Jayden on a recent podcast appearance. You can also count on Ar Ella to do some savage dragging. I love it.

Speaking on her Sit With Us podcast, Ella May Ding went in on Jayden – who is the brother of her MAFS Australia ex Mitch.

“He’s not right for her. I don’t think they’re good for each other,” she told co-host Domenica Calarco. “I think they need to go their separate ways, whether they have or haven’t in the real world. I don’t like Jayden, and maybe it’s because he’s related to Mitch.”

She then commented on how Jayden has treated Eden on the show. “He’s pushing her to be uncomfortable. He’s not respecting her wishes or nurturing the anxiety she’s feeling.

“I get he said, ‘This is all new to me I don’t know how to understand anxiety’, but don’t [keep bringing] it up. She’s not comfortable, and there’s got to be a better way he can go about it.”

This all comes after Ella May Ding was spotted speaking with Eden, making people think that perhaps Eden had ranted about Jayden to her and fuelled the podcast dragging. Either way, huge drama as per. I love it. They get to messy on MAFS Australia.

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