Erm, Ash from MAFS Australia debuted his new relationship whilst he was still on the show

He’s gone from a psychic to a pilates instructor

Another day, another dose of Married at First Sight Australia chaos – this time coming from Ash Galati who dramatically left MAFS last night and has already soft launched a new relationship outside of the show.

Last night saw Ash and Madeleine call time on their marriage even though in the commitment ceremony Madeleine chose leave and Ash chose to stay. According to Instagram though, Ash has already soft launched a new relationship with pilates instructor Steph Kenny.

In a story posted to her Instagram profile of some flowers, Steph tagged Ash and said “favourite”.  He’s got over the MAFS drama fast it seems!

The reason Ash and Madeleine left the show was ambiguous to audiences, but we’ve now got more answers.

It is claimed it was Madeleine who pushed to leave the show, after she wrote “leave” at the ceremony, and producers reportedly felt they “did not want to dramatise it, and felt it was easier to let them go quickly and quietly.”

The insider said: “Madeleine’s erratic behaviour had raised quite a few eyebrows during her first week on the show, with no one quite sure if she was acting or it was real. After Ash wrote to stay – she point blank said to producers she refused to carry on with the experiment and was going home.

“It’s not uncommon for participants to threaten to quit like this and no one can be held against their will, with producers then tasked with talking them around to continue with the experiment. Yet with Madeleine, it felt easier to let her go as questions about her state of mind with the pressure of the experiment had already been raised by other cast members and crew. ESA producers [Endemol Shine Australia] will never compromise their duty of care for the sake of content or storylines.”

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