Here’s where Cara Delevingne preaching about house music on your TikTok is actually from

‘It’s about time you fell in love with something that will love you back!’

Another day, another very random sound going viral on TikTok – and this time it’s the turn of Cara Delevingne going on about house music. There’s a sound doing the rounds right now with a little snippet of Cara Delevingne chatting away about house music that’s gone viral because it’s very soothing, very enthusiastic and, well, very Cara. A huge portion of us will know exactly where it’s from straight away if you’re a gamer, but if not you might honestly have no clue. Here’s a full explainer on the Cara Delevingne viral TikTok house music sound and the origins of where it came from!

What actually is the sound?


Utterly obsessed my friends. #caradelevingne #housemusic

♬ original sound – switzercars

“It’s about time you fell in love with something that will love you back! And that, my friends, is house music. It doesn’t judge you! And I won’t either” bellows Cara Delevingne in her iconic accent. Everyone’s honestly hyperfixated on that iconic posh girly English accent. But what the hell is this random declaration from?

It’s from GTA V

This Cara is something I know very well, because it’s been on Grand Theft Auto V since the game dropped in 2013. If you’ve never played a GTA game, they each have a load of fake in-game radio stations you can listen to when driving around. DJ Cara is the anchor on Non-Stop Pop FM – which I listened to the most because it has the best tunes.

DJ Cara is spinning other stuff as well as house. She’s blasting Pet Shop Boys, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. She lives for the Applause. And she plays the best song in the game: Pure Shores by All Saints. You haven’t known joy unless you’ve cruised around Los Santos blasting that at sunset.

You can listen to a playlist of Non-Stop Pop FM tunes here.

Why is it blowing up on TikTok?

Because it’s a vibe, duh. Here’s some of the biggest videos with the sound.


that my friends, is house music

♬ original sound – switzercars


Pitch preparation ya kno

♬ original sound – switzercars

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