Lauren and Jono were edited out of MAFS Australia family and friends week for savage reason

Ngl I’d be a bit embarrassed

Right now, we’re getting into family and friends week on MAFS Australia 2024 – but you might have missed a notable absence from couple Lauren and Jono.

No, this isn’t because scenes with their family and friends are yet to come, it was actually an active decision from Channel 9 to not feature the married couple in this section of the show, and the reason behind this is pretty savage.

Every couple right now is having a segment where they get to meet those closest to one another. It’s a good chance for the couples to meet their in-laws and their partners’ friends, as well as getting a grilling from those who care most about them. For the most part, it’s excellent TV.

Lauren and Jono edited out of MAFS Australia 2024 friends and family week

via Channel 9 / E4

But, unfortunately, we won’t be getting that for Lauren and Jono. Despite them being at a pretty key part of their relationship, after hitting a big wall when Jono apologised and stuck up for Jack more than Lauren following his “muzzle your woman” comments, scenes with their friends and family have not made the final edit of the episodes.

MAFS Australia couple Jono and Lauren got a total of seven whole seconds air time during family and friends week, when for a flash they were seen enjoying a glass of wine at home. A production insider told Yahoo Lifestyle the couple did participate in family and friends week, but TV producers felt their scene was too “boring” to show. Savage!

“Nothing interesting happened during the lunch so the producers decided to scrap the scene altogether,” the source said. “The only person that showed up to their lunch was someone on Jono’s side.”

Lauren apparently had scheduled in for a friend to film a scene, but producers cancelled her appearance last minute.

Truly, truly peak.

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