Um, Chelsea now has her own merch range with cringe Love Is Blind sayings on it

I’ll take four ‘Megan Faux’ caps, please

After becoming a big name for arguably not all the best reasons, Love Is Blind season six star Chelsea Blackwell now has her own merch range. Yes, really.

Throughout her turbulent time in the experiment, Chelsea became well-known for some phrases and iconic moments – like when she said she looked like Megan Fox, which she will now never be able to live down. But it doesn’t look like she wants to live them down, as she’s taken these moments and sayings and is making bank from them. You have to respect the hustle.

On her newly launched merch website, Chelsea has a whole host of Love Is Blind inspired items you can buy. Remember when she said “uncomfy” a couple of times? Now you can get a cap, tee, jumper AND mug with that blazoned across. The cheapest in the uncomfy range is the mug at £13, but the jumper is the most expensive, setting you back £41.

Chelsea also has a range with the word “scram” written across it – including a £25 pink cap, a tank top, t-shirt, jumper, and even a £21 tote bag.

Up next is the “hell yeah brother” range, which has a few vibey designs in its arsenal. Try on a cap, a cropped top, a hoodie and a cap in this range. The hoodie is the most expensive, costing £42.

She also has a metal hands range, with mugs, caps, t-shirts and jumpers all with the sign on.

Then comes the best part of her merch range – dedicated to her saying she gets compared to Megan Fox all the time. A moment of Love Is Blind history. People then dubbed her “Megan Faux” so there’s probably someone out there who tweeted that for the first time who’s gutted they didn’t make coin, as Chelsea is now cashing in on it herself.

You can get two different design £21 caps with “Megan Faux” written across them, or a £25 tank top, a £26 t-shirt, two different coloured £37 sweatshirts, or a £26 crop top. I’ll take the lot!

Then, just to bring it all to a completely normal end, Chelsea has also thought about all of us mullet lovers out there. Famously Chelsea was also talking to Trevor in the pods on the show – who it turned out had a girlfriend on the outside the whole time – and when she found out he had a mullet she nearly risked it all.

If you too have similar feelings whenever you see a mulleted man, her site can bring you and a “I love mullets” cap, t-shirt or mug that one step closer together.

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