Revealed: The awkward *real* reason Madeleine and Ash left MAFS Australia 2024

There was ‘a lot more’ to their exit than the short scene viewers were shown

Last night, viewers saw the moment couple Madeleine and Ash left MAFS Australia 2024. After a turbulent ride in the experiment, the couple were said to have made the decision to leave the show mutually, off camera.

Viewers were told that despite Ash voting to “stay” during the commitment ceremony the day before, the pair had since “had a change of heart and they’d come to an amicable decision to leave”. However, a source close to the show has claimed there was “a lot more” to their exit that we didn’t see.

During the episode in which Madeleine and Ash left MAFS Australia 2024, the big focus was on Ash leaving, and we didn’t see anything of Madeleine packing up to go, nor did she say anything to the cameras. It was almost as though she wasn’t even there. A source has told Yahoo Lifestyle Madeleine’s “erratic behaviour” had “raised a few eyebrows” and was a key part in the decision for the couple to leave.

Madeleine and Ash left MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

They claim it was Madeleine who pushed to leave the show, after she wrote “leave” at the ceremony, and producers reportedly felt they “did not want to dramatise it, and felt it was easier to let them go quickly and quietly.”

The insider said: “Madeleine’s erratic behaviour had raised quite a few eyebrows during her first week on the show, with no one quite sure if she was acting or it was real. After Ash wrote to stay – she point blank said to producers she refused to carry on with the experiment and was going home.

“It’s not uncommon for participants to threaten to quit like this and no one can be held against their will, with producers then tasked with talking them around to continue with the experiment. Yet with Madeleine, it felt easier to let her go as questions about her state of mind with the pressure of the experiment had already been raised by other cast members and crew. ESA producers [Endemol Shine Australia] will never compromise their duty of care for the sake of content or storylines.”

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