Bombshell claims MAFS’ Lauren and Jono had an ‘arrangement’ to ‘fake’ their marriage

Truly beyond belief

Lauren from Married at First Sight Australia is in the firing line after a number of her MAFS alumni in the cast have blasted her for putting the phoney act on during filming – and Jonathan has weighed in saying the two had a “fake marriage”. I can’t cope with the drama.

According to the So Dramatic podcast, numerous cast members have accused Lauren of being fake on the MAFS Australia cameras.

“In an Uber ride home after a Commitment Ceremony, when Lauren said a heap of nice things about Jono, he said, ‘Thanks for saying all those nice things. I didn’t realise you felt that way,” one contestant told So Dramatic.

“Lauren turned to him and said, ‘Yeah, I deserve a f*cking Academy Award!’.” Jono apparently brought this up at a commitment ceremony but claims the show chose not to air it.

Jono came under fire for denying he was flirting with Ellie Dix, which has later been proved true. At a reunion, Jonathan claimed the relationship was an arrangement to stay together for the sake of being on the show.

At the final dinner party, Jono apparently attacked Lauren, saying, “’I don’t even know why you’re angry. We were in an arrangement, and our marriage was fake anyway,” according to one cast member.

“Then, at the Reunion, someone asked Jono, ‘Did you guys have had an agreement this whole time?’ To which Jono replied, ‘Yes.’”

It’s literally all kicking off. What a mess. As per.

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