Two huge editing errors prove this week has been the most staged on MAFS Australia 2024

I’m rolling my eyes

In less than a week, there have been two huge editing errors on MAFS Australia 2024 – and both prove major moments were altered to look completely different to what viewers saw.

It’s been a big few episodes on the experiment – with a huge dinner party descending into chaos as Jack told Jono to “muzzle” Lauren, before the experts rightfully so called him out for his gross behaviour. Then, moving into this week a favourite challenge of family and friends week has kickstarted.

But it hasn’t come without error. The first of two editing errors on MAFS Australia 2024 in this time came back at *that* dinner party. Obviously all eyes were on Jack, Lauren, Jono and Tori – as the whole argument took place.

In one scene, the camera turned to Tori to see her reaction to Jack being awful (no change there then), and she can be seen with her tattoo on her right shoulder (also, no change to regular there either). But then out of nowhere, her tattoo is gone! The next shot shows her with a completely clean shoulder?! How?!

Two editing errors spotted during MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

What looks like has happened here is the second time we saw Tori’s face, the shot had been inverted. So we’re actually seeing her left shoulder, not her right. This had been done so it looked as though she was reacting to something going on to her right, when she was in reality actually looking in the complete opposite direction. Nice and authentic, then!

Then, less than a week later, as family and friends week got started there was another bunch of editing errors all rolled into one. Lucinda and Timothy’s parents met up for a chat over some food and drinks, and all sat down around the table.

Two editing errors spotted during MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

They were discussing the recent ceremony and dinner party, and how having the rest of the group there impacted how Lucinda and Timothy were with each other. One minute they were sat around an empty table as a waiter brought over some food, and then next minute a load of full drinks had just magically arrived there, too.

via Channel 9 / E4

Throughout the entire conversation, levels of the drinks and the amount of food on the platter could be seen going up and down within seconds, proving this chat wasn’t shown to us at all how it happened in real life. Answers Timothy and Lucinda were giving to their families’ questions were chopped and swapped around, and their reactions were used all over the place.

Two editing errors spotted during MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

So yeah, this conversation and what they said in it was shown to us veeeeery differently. Yikes!

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