One year on, this is how the winter Love Island couples’ lives have changed since the show

From lambing season to engagements it’s been a busy year

So it’s been just over a year since the Winter 2023 Love Island stars graced our screens. And a lot has changed since the days of pools and palm trees. So, let’s see what the surviving (there aren’t many) couples, Jessie and Will, Shaq and Tanya and Kai and Sanam, have been getting up to during their normal(ish) influencer lives together in the outside world.

They’ve already swerved Love Island’s three month break up curse, which is probably their biggest achievement. But let’s check in to see how the remaining Winter Love Island 2023 couples are doing and how their lives have changed since being on the show:

Jessie and Will

On Valentine’s Day, Jessie finally announced that she can live in the UK for 3 years which sounds like a long term romance is on the cards for this pair. Jessie is originally from Tasmania and after the various back and forth trips, she always said she wanted to move to the UK eventually. It must be true love if swapping Aussie sunshine for a farm is worth it but the pair have recently been to Rome, so they are still getting some rays.

Last summer, Jessie was spiked in 2023 but since that she has been using her platform to speak out and recently became an ambassador for Stamp out Spiking.

Over on Will’s TikTok, he is documenting counting the days down to lambing season on the farm after two months in Australia. It’s even sweeter that he brings Jessie along to teach her the countryside ways and documents everything. Alongside that, the couple take turns in trying Aussie snacks or teaching each other UK slang. The both of them regularly upload content and after a year gone from the show, they clearly work hard.

We can’t not mention the fact that the couple sort of look related with their bright blonde hair (Will’s is temporarily red for Comic Relief at the minute). It seems this couple are getting blonder and better by the minute.

Kai and Sanam

We can’t not mention the fact that the couple sort of look related with their bright blonde hair (Will’s is temporarily red for Comic Relief at the minute). It seems this couple are getting blonder and better by the minute.

Kai and Sanam

The engaged couple are doing a lot of charitable work since winning their season – and revealing they’re disappointed by their lack of brand deals. Their most recent announcement is a Skydive on May 10th to raise money for Action for Children (link is in their Instagram bio to donate). It’s not surprising though when after winning Love Island the pair shared that they wanted to spend their money helping support children’s projects – so they are sticking to their word!

Another reason to love this winning pair is that they are very passionate about the work they do. Sanam before Love Island was a social worker which on the 13th March she announced she was returning to. She has spoken out on podcasts and Instagram posts before about this work and is refreshing to see an influencer talk about a normal day job!

As for Kai, he has his own podcast called scoring tries and posts regular Instagram videos updating on sport and his everyday life. BUT, what is the cutest thing is are the supportive comments the pair leave each other under every post. An invite to the wedding guys?

Shaq and Tanya


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After moving in together in September 2023, life has been busy with this pair constantly going on beach holidays so life still looks slightly similar to Love Island. For Tanya’s birthday, Shaq lit up a beach with candles in Tanzania, talk about setting the bar high. It looked like a Love Island finale date yet the catch is the camera’s are no longer rolling and ITV didn’t plan that one.

The couple have made several appearances together on BBC 1XTRA, the Mobo Awards and even attending premieres. Their life is a glam squad’s dream. Tanya is also a fashion nova ambassador and Shaq is a Nova Men ambassador, so the two are constantly posting new looks and showing off their latest fits. Whilst apparently Tanya got a bad edit whilst on the show, her over 250k Instagram followers says otherwise.

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