Just a bunch of memes about how bad the guys of MAFS Australia 2024 have been this week

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry

This week on MAFS has been a lot. Jack told Jono to “muzzle” Lauren, to which Jono pretty much sat silently, Timothy has been starting fights with Lucinda over nothing, Richard made some pretty x-rated comments about Andrea which made her really uncomfortable, and then there was Ben storming out on Ellie before writing a full list of everything he hates about her. Basically, this week has been the turning point for realising the guys of MAFS Australia 2024 ain’t shit.

And of course, as all this drama and chaos has been unfolding, Twitter has been alive with memes. If the show wasn’t keeping you well fed enough, Twitter has been serving up an entire meal. Twitter and John Aiken are the only people holding the cast members of MAFS accountable, and I’m here for it.

So chomp down on the meal that’s been served, as here are all the very best memes about the ~awful~ behaviour of the MAFS Australia 2024 guys this week. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry x

1. Looool stop

2. Truth

3. Louder!

4. I beg they stay in their lanes

— X.🕊🇯🇲 Clarks Fi Di Summer 🕺🏾✨ (@19581lucy7_) March 27, 2024

— Jennie Wilks (@jenniewilks1) March 27, 2024

6. Give John an award pls

7. Honestly Ellie, good for you


8. Same x

9. I’ve had enough

10. Off! My! Screen!

11. Sorry but where is the lie

12. NOW!

13. It must be lost!

14. Lol accurate

15. Peak

16. Put the guitar away!

17. Lauren ate Jack up with this

18. She’s our queen!

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