Ranking all of Sydney Sweeney’s roles by how hard they slayed

She ate her Immaculate performance up and left no crumbs, nun at all

Sydney Sweeney… we have to just wow. What a star. If Jacob Elordi is having his moment for the lads, it’s Sydney Sweeney who is doing it for the gals. Her ascension to impossibly bankable Hollywood star is one you just have to marvel at. It’s got to the point where I would honestly watch anything she’s in just because it’s her. That’s star power, baby. With Immaculate tearing up the horror box office, I had a look back and ranked all of the Sydney Sweeney roles by how hard they slayed. You’re welcome.

13. Big Time Adolescence – Holly

I’m just not a Pete Davidson comedy film kind of person, and Sydney Sweeney doesn’t have much to do her rather than just be a character’s girlfriend.

12. Clementine – Lana

Sort of a coming of age romantic drama film where Sydney Sweeney is meant to be some provocative mysterious woman shaking things up, but it never lands.

11. Nocturne – Juliet Lowe

A Blumhouse horror is never a recipe for success – this one is about tensions and suicides at a performing arts school. Sydney Sweeney is great as per but literally imagine Black Swan if it didn’t slay and you’ve got Nocturne.

10. Night Teeth – Eva

Sydney Sweeney roles ranked

Apart from a certain film about someone being in the Amazon researching spiders with someone’s mom right before she died, Night Teeth is far and away the worst film on this list. We are in an epidemic of bad vampire films and we need a vaccine. Of all the Sydney Sweeney roles ranked here, even in a shit film you can’t say she hasn’t slayed. Look at the material.

9. Madame Web – Julia Cornwall

Sydney Sweeney roles ranked

Something a bit perverse about the ‘sexy school girl’ costuming of The Sweeney in this film, one of many numerous flaws with Madame Web that unless you’ve been living under a rock you already know about. She did slay in the spider costume though, and her performance is one of few likeable saving graces of this mess.

8. The Voyeurs – Pippa

Sydney Sweeney roles ranked

She was in the mix of the Manson family cultists, and didn’t get chance to slay as hard as we know she can but honestly the fact she was in this (underrated, imo) Tarantino film is enough of a serve to get it ranked decent.

6. Anyone But You – Bea

We all need a trashy romcom in our repertoire, and she ate this up. Not my kind of film really but Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have insane chemistry and keep it afloat. Box office darling.

5. Reality – Reality Winner

Sydney Sweeney last year starred in Reality, the acclaimed HBO crime drama film about Reality Winner – who leaked confidential information to the press about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Not the usual role you’d expect to see Sydney in, but she got acclaim. As she should.

4. Sharp Objects – Alice

Starring as the friend of Amy Adams’ character in her younger scenes, Sydney Sweeney had a high profile breakthrough role here that really put her on the map just before Euphoria and The White Lotus made a household name of her.

3. The White Lotus – Olivia Mossbacher

Sydney Sweeney roles ranked

The kind of role she was born to play. She’s too good at being an iconic little bitch. What a great performance and what an unlikeable character. Wow.

2. Euphoria – Cassie Howard

I mean, come on now. Euphoria has kind of made a star of everyone in it, but in many ways Sydney Sweeney IS Euphoria. A meme making machine as Cassie Howard, everyone knows the bath picture. A star was born.

1. Immaculate – Cecilia

Sydney Sweeney roles ranked

Honestly, what a performance. In the wild ride that is Immaculate, Sydney Sweeney keeps a messy horror afloat with gusto and a literally earth shaking performance as final girl nun Cecilia who gets put through the absolute ringer. She is truly incredible in this film. Her throat must have been sandpaper after all the screaming she had to do.

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