The MAFS Australia experts revealed their fave cast members and the choices are wild

Alessandra is a real one

We’ve all got a favourite or most memorable Married at First Sight Australia bride or groom, and with so many big MAFS icons over the years it’s hard to choose. But MAFS experts Mel and Alessandra have finally spilt on who their favourite, most memorable cast members are from over the years, and their choices are quite wild.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, sexologist icon Alessandra Rampolla said all the right things, picking legendary Lucinda Light as her most memorable “for all the right reasons.”

She said: “Lucinda Light is the light. She is so lovely and she is so genuine and so consistent. As you saw throughout the experience, she maintained her true self and was really loyal to her true self.

“That’s something that I admire a lot about any human being but especially about women because it is particularly difficult for many women to maintain that sense of self. So yes, I would say Lucinda Light. Like the rest of Australia and the world, we’re all in love with Lucinda.”

Mel Schilling, an icon across the franchise, threw it back to series five and said that Davina Rankin is her most memorable of the brides because she was involved in the show’s first ever cheating scandal.

“She was the first person to step out of line and cross a boundary, relationship-wise. She really did change the game and set a precedent that people don’t always stay in the couples that they’re matched with. So that was definitely an important moment.”

Groom wise, Mel picked Troy Delmege who starred in the same season as Davina.

“I think there’s been some really funny moments. The guy who cleaned his teeth, Troy, was memorable for a bit of humour,” she said. There’s definitely been some funny guys over the years.”

The divas have spoken!

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