Um, MAFS’ Timothy’s claiming Ben ‘stole’ his lyrics for the hell on earth Ellie apology song

Is anything normal happening on MAFS Australia at this point?

Another day and another batch of truly deranged Married at First Sight Australia drama, this time in the form of Ben and his “torturous” apology song he wrote for his MAFS bride Ellie. Because despite Ben’s ‘good intentions’, Timothy has now claimed that Ben robbed the lyrics off him and it wasn’t genuine anyway. Carnage.

For context: Ben wrote an apology song for Ellie after he went AWOL following a commitment ceremony – the song was hell on earth and everyone dragged it to the high heavens, with some calling it “torturous”. Ben claimed the song was his “notes and thoughts which evolved into song lyrics”. O-kay.


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But it’s all been flipped on its head now cast member Timothy has claimed Ben stole the lyrics from something Timothy had said when they were in the car together on a previous occasion.

Speaking on The Pulse with Seany B and Emma G, Timothy said the lyrics came from a night where he and Ben were at the pub and Ben was telling Timothy about what he planned to say to Ellie to make things right after their post-commitment ceremony rift.

“I said, ‘Look, if you say that, you will get absolutely slaughtered. At this point, you just need to fall on your sword’,” Tim explained. “I didn’t realise he was going to turn my words into a song.”

I beg for just one genuine moment from Ben before this series ends.

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