Fridays with Edie: Why it’s ok to feel scared about graduating university

I’m not ready to talk about it x

“Hi Edie – graduation is coming up, and I’m terrified. Please help!”

Here we go again.  It’s the yearly ceremony of releasing students into the real world, much like the act of releasing beautiful white doves at a wedding. Except instead of doves it’s a bunch of pigeons that you found on Sidwell Street. And instead of flying off, the tired, burnt-out pigeons plonk around looking at each other: “So what do we do now?”

Pardon the fantastic analogy: Graduation is indeed coming up, and there’s no stopping the ticking time bomb. The sun is shining, meaning deadline season is approaching. My diss word count is currently at zero, and despite receiving an email about “nearing graduation”, it could not feel more out of reach. And yet it is also terrifyingly close? Please help… wait I’m supposed to be giving the advice… I don’t know how I’m qualified to assist on the topic of the adult world. Regardless of your plans post graduation, suddenly being set free after three years of uni is daunting to say the least. I don’t know anyone who isn’t suffering from a combination of terror and excitement at the prospect of being handed a sheet of paper after three years of blood, sweat, and tears.

Being scared of the unknown is literally built into our survival skills as human beings, so it is inevitable and totally normal that we are all feeling anxious. In my own research of post-grad prospects, I have had some excellent advice that I would love to share with you in order to quash the fears of the future: “Everything works out just fine.” Of course, it takes hard work and effort, but we’ve all got this. Class of 2024, we are all in the same boat.

I’m not saying don’t worry, because I am worried, and you can’t magically stop worrying. You just have to keep in mind that it will work out. Besides, graduating is still so exciting! Spending a day with all your friends, reflecting on your time at uni, and of course drinking yourself silly in the evening. You’ve worked so hard these past three years, and it’s time to recognise that.

Look at us, we’re all grown up!

I hope this helps – lots of love, Edie x

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