The official best places to hide an Easter egg on the University of York campus

Want to see your friends struggle? Bury one in an abandoned sack of circuit laundry

All students know the universal dread of hitting the New Year and realising you’re now facing January through March at uni. Something about the grim weather, assessment periods, and having hit your overdraft buying Christmas presents makes the beginning of second semester a scary thought.

However, the clocks going forward on Easter Sunday means that we are officially out of the winter months! The Easter period has many positives for students, especially at York. For example, shops start selling discounted Easter eggs – I absolutely will make the trek to Nisa after a lecture just for the convenience of it.

In the spirit of Easter, here’s a list of the most iconic spots on campus that I think would make ideal hiding spots for your egg hunts (for better or worse). If you have actually been to all of these spots on campus, well done – you’re officially better than the rest of us.

1. The Derwent lake

Now this is self-explanatory. The lake is the most iconic spot on campus for a reason. While West campus is an acquired taste for people who don’t study at York, give it a bit of sun and a bit of blue sky and suddenly it becomes a nature trail. Perfect for a wander to clear your head or get a bit of Vitamin D – or to at least make your I’m-late-to-my-seminar speed walk a bit more enjoyable.

Also, the geese make it the perfect spot to hide out. If you haven’t had to (totally casually) swerve off the pathway to avoid making eye contact with one of those terrifying creatures, maybe you’re just built of something different. They already have their own baby eggs to protect with their lives, what difference would one Easter egg make?

2. The fields around East

This one goes for literally any patch of grass around East. Around the colleges, there are so many rabbit holes and little hills that it are basically built-in hiding spots. Anyone on East will understand the feeling of thinking you’re being smart by going off the path onto the grass and then tripping all the way down because you stuck your foot in a rabbit hole. Don’t even get me started on doing it drunk.

3. Top floor of Morrell

When York says floor three Morrell is a SILENT zone, they mean it. I’m actually scared to breathe up here, especially with headphones in. I get paranoid writing my essays in case I’m typing too loudly. But Morrell is the superior library, so sometimes silence is just the price students have to pay.

At least you know the person next to you won’t unwrap tuna while you’re in focus mode. Any students working here are too committed (or late) to their deadlines to notice anything going on off of their laptop. Seriously, I think it would take a meteor to get anyone to look at you. That, or the crinkle of an opening bag of Doritos. Your Easter eggs are safe up here.

4. The Quiet Place

On a similar note… please someone else tell me that they had no idea that this spot existed before now???

I was even in Janet Baker Court first year, so I feel like being introduced here should be a rite of passage. Being dedicated “in celebration of the spiritual nature of all people” has got me on Janet Baker’s side. Sometimes we do all need a bit of peace, and apparently Campus West has just the perfect spot for it.

Hide your Easter eggs at the Quiet Place – if you can find it…

5. The 22

The 22 is waterlogged so often that sports teams don’t see much of it during spring. The passing of Easter holidays brings hope against the rain and mud, but you could hide an egg here and it might not be found till summer.

6. The Bubble

More often seen in the darker months than summer semester, but you’re joking if you don’t think the Bubble doesn’t just look like one huge egg. Your Easter egg would be protected from being seen by just anyone, and all the tennis balls that are flying around and haven’t been picked up yet are a perfect disguise.

Although, it is always a bit of a risk heading in here unless you’re a seasoned tennis player. Book a court and get your racket up as a shield if necessary – there’s no shame in safety (speaking from experience, I have been hit in the head multiple times).

7. Circuit Laundry

Not sure if this one needs explaining – Circuit Laundry is either untouched by students or permanently so busy you can’t get anywhere near it or do any washing for three weeks. Either way, the perfect spot to hide your eggs. Students using Circuit laundry only care about getting in and getting out fast enough to forget where their £5 just went (and making sure they take back both socks of the pair).

And if you’re really desperate, there’s always someone’s bag lying around full of discarded clothes that haven’t been collected. Put your egg near there, because I guarantee nobody is touching that.

8. Greg’s Place

Probably my favourite spot on West, purely because of the views. There’s no better way to spend an hour between lectures than sitting and taking a breath by the fountain, especially if you’re trying to avoid the library. If I was an Easter egg, I’d hide here just to make the most of the sun.

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