Cardiff Rugby changes uniform to jeans and gilet due to negativity around shirts and chinos

The rugby team hope it will bring a ‘fresh start’ to the club

Cardiff University Rugby Team has announced that it is changing its social uniform to move away from the negative associations with the infamous blue shirt and chino combination.

The new outfit combination will consist of gilets and jeans and will become the uniform for all team members when attending official club socials at the SU club Y Plas. 

A member of the rugby club told The Cardiff Tab there are too many negative associations with the classic chinos and shirt combo after they were banned from the SU back in October last year.

Hugo Edwards, third year economics and finance student, told The Cardiff Tab: “The new attire has a nicer ring to it, representing a fresh start and new era for the club.” 

One member of the team told The Cardiff Tab that jeans and gilets is the rugby boy’s version of jeans and a nice top and they will still look smart and dapper in their fit without being judged.

Other outfits they considered were Canterbury shorts and a hoodie but decided this should only be for when they are going to anywhere else in Cardiff, including Lidl or for tinnies in Bute, whereas the jeans and gilet combination will be reserved for finer events such as YOLO. 

The new social outfit for the team will be implemented on the 15th April and any socials after this date.

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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