Jack and Tori tried to QUIT MAFS Australia 2024 together after ‘orchestrated drama’

‘Let’s just go together, we don’t need to be surrounded by these people’

Couple Jack and Tori have revealed they tried to quit MAFS Australia 2024 together because they were fed up of all the “orchestrated drama” and feeling like nobody believed their relationship was real.

The couple have had a rough journey during the Married at First Sight experiment. They have been questioned over if Jack is really into Tori because they hadn’t slept together, and then there’s been the constant drama of Jack and his ex, plus Jack and his horrible comments towards Lauren.

The couple have now said all the chaos got too much for them, and they thought about leaving the show altogether and continuing their relationship in the real world instead.

“I remember getting to a point where I said to Jack ‘let’s just leave’ probably just after the retreat,” Tori told Daily Mail Australia. “I was like, ‘let’s just go together, we don’t need to be surrounded by these people, these are not our people, let’s just go’.”

Jack and Tori tried to quit MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

The publication added they felt “alienated” by “alliances” formed by the other couples, which made them think they might be better going at their relationship alone.

“I think we were pretty much set in our ways,” Tori added. “We knew that we were never going to have these people on side and we didn’t want them on side. We were there for us and we had a really strong dynamic and a really strong relationship. So I think, we were just armoured up and ready to get to the end, and we’re so close at this point.”


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