This huge MAFS Australia 2024 editing error proves dramatic moment wasn’t what it seemed

It was all a lie!

There was a major editing error during MAFS Australia 2024, which proves a dramatic moment with Ellie wasn’t at all how it came across to us watching at home.

In the last few episodes we’ve seen Ellie and Ben’s relationship fall apart. It went from a chaotic commitment ceremony and Ben running away, to him then writing a love song to Ellie, before listing everything he hates about her. It’s been tonal whiplash all week.

After all of this was the usual weekly dinner party, which ended in Ellie being completely blindsided as Ben decided to tell the group he was ending things with her. But before all this, Ellie was seen dramatically arriving to the dinner party and entering the room all alone.

MAFS Australia 2024 editing error with Ellie at dinner party

via Channel 9 / E4

However, if you were really paying attention, you’ll have spotted that way before her big dramatic entrance, Ellie was already seen sat on the sofa chatting to Cassandra. What?!

Before we’d seen Ellie arrive, there had been a number of shots showing her in the room already, chatting away. Then the camera cut to her in the back of a taxi, and then arriving.

via Channel 9 / E4

So, what has happened here? Was Ellie already there pretty early and then was asked to film her dramatic entrance again, once more people had arrived so it looked better than her stepping into an empty dinner party alone? Were all the opening scenes of the dinner party chopped and edited in a completely different order to what actually happened?

MAFS Australia 2024 editing error with Ellie at dinner party

via Channel 9 / E4

Either way, it seems Ellie’s big walk in moment wasn’t at all how it seemed to us.

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