Timothy was on another reality TV show years before his MAFS Australia 2024 fame

Who knew he owned a kebab shop?

It’s been spotted that MAFS groom Timothy Smith was on another reality TV show, way before his Married at First Sight Australia 2024 days.

Timothy was on The Liquidator in 2013, and the show saw host Jeff Schwarz attempt to purchase and sell discarded merchandise to make a profit. Timothy was on it with his business partner Colette, when Tim was living in Vancouver, Canada, and owned a restaurant called Koala Kebabs.

The pair said they were “just opening up” the venue and bought a huge polar bear statue off Jeff for $700, and also promised him two free kebabs at their place as part of the deal. They said they wanted the statue for their restaurant, and wanted to “turn it into a koala bear”.

Sharing a clip from the show on Instagram, MAFS Uncensored said: “Blast from the past! Timothy on Canadian tv show, The Liquidator in 2013.” In the comments, one person pointed out that Timothy was using a walking stick at the time and wondered why, whilst another noted that he looked loads different then, than he does on MAFS.

It was previously revealed Timothy was living in Canada ahead of a seven year marriage he had before Married at First Sight. Timothy got married when he was 19 to an east Indian woman. They met in Vancouver, Canada, and then she moved to Queensland to live with him.

Apparently she was homesick in Australia, and wanted to go back to Canada to be with her family and elderly parents, but Timothy couldn’t go with her unless they were married. After two years together, the couple got married at a registry office in Queensland and moved to Canada together.

Unfortunately, Google has confirmed Koala Kebabs is permanently closed now.

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