University of Liverpool to introduce compulsory Scouse slang module for first year students

The module hopes to bridge the dialectal gap between locals and students

The University of Liverpool has announced that starting in September 2024, all first year undergraduate students will be required to take a 15 credit module which will teach Scouse slang.

Titled “Understanding Your City Through Language”, the module will educate students on all aspects of life and culture in Liverpool, including covering Scouse slang.

A leaked email which was sent to university staff members encouraged them to support the initiative and outlined how the module will “delve into the intricacies of Scouse slang” for new students.

The module will work to address the concerns of some locals that students struggle to understand the local dialect. It believes this will help students feel more comfortable in Liverpool, as well as help celebrate the area’s culture. An interesting aspect of the module is that students will learn about the origins, meanings and uses of Souse slang phrases, so don’t be too shocked if you hear students referring to the bizzies or the Z-cars on campus.

April, a nurse who was born and bred in Liverpool praised the university for its “forward-thinking”. 

Explaining the benefits this will have to both students and locals in Liverpool, April said: “It’s boss that the university has taken steps to educate its students on local dialect. I thought the institution was pretty antwacky up until now, but clearly it’s sound. Working in the ozzy, I come across a lot of students who don’t always understand me so I’m all for the initiative.” 

Jules, a third-year economics student at the University of Liverpool is excited about the module and wishes she had been given the opportunity to study Scouse slang in her first year. She said: “I think it’s a great opportunity for students to learn more about the city they live in. I’ve picked up a few words in my time studying here and can blag it quite well to friends at home, but I reckon some locals still think my chat is a bit jarg.”

A spokesperson from the university said that the module “aims to further integrate students into Liverpool by providing them with the opportunity to develop an understanding and awareness of the city’s history, people and values.”

Being a one of a kind module, UoL hopes that “other universities will follow by giving students the chance to immerse themselves in their city’s culture through language and lifestyle.”

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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