Huge MAFS Australia 2024 bust up got so bad four brides had to be separated for filming

It was ‘all out war’ between the women on set

It’s been revealed a bust up between four of the brides on MAFS Australia 2024 got so bad they had to be in separate rooms for filming parts of the show.

According to reports, things got so hostile between the women that when they were getting glammed up for dinner parties their makeup artists and stylists were briefed to keep them apart, to try and keep the drama under control.

No spoilers, but after a certain scandal with Sara was outed by Eden, Daily Mail Australia has said this caused “all out war” between them, and then cliques formed which made their fallout even worse. At one point, things grew so tense the two brides couldn’t even be in the same room whilst filming.

The MAFS Australia production team was forced to intervene, going to great lengths to keep Eden and Sara apart, including scheduling their getting ready sessions in entirely separate locations.

Bust up between the MAFS Australia 2024 brides

via Channel 9 / E4

A source said: “Hairdressers and makeup artists were briefed on the situation and had to juggle schedules to accommodate the feud, ensuring Eden and Tori weren’t booked in around the same time as Sara and Lauren.”

Alternative venues were found, but this soon proved not enough to keep the argument at bay. “Eden, along with Tori Adams and Jade Pywell, discovered the new location and followed Sara to get their hair and makeup done, escalating the tension further,” the source added.

“Lauren was upset because Fatima and Wally [the makeup artist and hair stylist] looked after her first and was gushing about them to the other brides and they decided to go to them. There was so much tension… They couldn’t be in the same room together, especially knowing it was dinner party day.”

Huuuuge yikes!

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