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Revealed: The heartbreaking reason Tristan and Cassandra’s MAFS relationship is doomed

Nah I’m crying

Sometimes things just really don’t work out, and on Married at First Sight Australia that’s often the case – but when it feels doomed between two nice MAFS brides and grooms it just hurts that little bit more. Such is the case with MAFS Australia 2024’s Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black, and now the heartbreaking reason things just aren’t progressing has been shared.

As reported in So Dramatic and on its podcast, a source spoke to the outlet about the sad truth of the MAFS Australia matter: Tristan just isn’t that into Cassandra.

“Tristan wasn’t feeling a connection with Cass from the start, and he was really down on himself because of it.

“He was like: ‘I know she’s this amazing person on paper. She’s everything anyone would ever want. She’s beautiful, but I just don’t feel anything for her in a romantic way.’”

Tristan felt really bad that he isn’t into Cassandra that much either, according to the source.“Tristan was honest about it with her and wrote leave several times.

“He’s actually genuinely a really great guy, he’s so nice. Tristan and Cass actually last pretty long on the show, considering nothing at all was happening with them.”

God, can this series of Married at First Sight down under just give us ONE moment of joyous romance, I beg! Love is in the trenches.

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