Um, MAFS’ Timothy and Andrea might be dating after they had ‘a sleepover’ together!?

This wasn’t on my Married at First Sight bingo card

Erm, what the hell is going on down on Married at First Sight Australia, may I ask – the MAFS couple swapping seems to be back? Timothy and Andrea have apparently had a sleepover, have been spending loads of time together and have now sparked dating rumours following their time on MAFS Australia? I’m losing my mind!

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, who even acquired a photo of them hanging out together with what looks like Andrea’s daughter Evie, Timothy and Andrea have been “spending lots of time together.” Neither Timothy nor Andrea have confirmed any dating rumours, but since Timothy and Lucinda have fully shut down any rumours that they were reconnecting after the show the rumours around Andrea have increased.

Things got even more sus when Andrea posted a video of Timothy sleeping at her house.

“We’re watching Jack and Tori’s final vows, Indi and I,” she says, before moving the camera to Timothy asleep on the couch.

“With Timmy,” she continued. “And, he’s so into it he’s fallen asleep. He’s that bored.”

This all comes in addition to a friend of Andrea teasing gossip about the MAFS star’s new boyfriend after things ended with Richard.

“This man calls and texts her almost every day, he’s coming to see her this weekend they’re having a secret little catch-up and have planned to stay together for a few days and then in a week or two she’s going to go and see him again!!!” The friend said, whilst also adding that it’s someone “readers would be familiar with.”

This all has obviously made people think it might be Timothy who Andrea has started dating after MAFS Australia! WHAT IS GOING ON!?

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