Someone’s found unreleased clips of more chaos from *that* MAFS Australia 2024 dinner party

‘NO ONE spills my f**king wine’

Someone has released a bunch of previously unseen clips from the drama that went down at *that* chaotic dinner party on MAFS Australia 2024 last week.

The episode saw the dinner party descend into chaos. Timothy and Jayden had a huge argument after Jayden made some suggestions of how Timothy should behave in his marriage, and obviously, Timothy being Timothy wasn’t going to take that well.

He screamed at Jayden and called him a “grandstander” for playing up to the rest of the group, and said “anyone under 30” shouldn’t be giving him relationship advice. The night saw Timothy slam the dinner table, and arguments were kicking off all over the place.

If we thought it looked dramatic on screen that really was just the beginning, as THREE additional clips from the night have been shared and show even more drama went down that we didn’t see.

The first clip is Timothy saying additional things about Jayden, in the heat of the argument. “If Jayden wants to come at me, he can say what he wants to say it doesn’t bother me,” Timothy said. “And do a couple of your fucking buttons up, Jesus Christ. It’s what they’re on the shirt for.”

The next is a clip of Timothy still talking about Jayden, shock! But this time, he’s also talking about the other boys a bit, too. Timothy said: “He pulled Lucinda aside like he’s the wise man? Fuck off. Every dude with a hair bun on this show thinks they’re Dr Phil.” Yikes.

Then, the final unseen clip is where it gets a little bit more iconic. So we all saw time and time again the part where Timothy slammed the table and called Jayden a “grandstander”. But, what we missed was that this shook the table so hard Lauren’s drink was spilled, and she was less than happy about it. Tbh, fair enough.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Tori asked Timothy as he blew up. Lauren then stood up from the table and declared: “No one spills my fucking wine. I’m pissed.” Icon behaviour.

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