Erm, what you see first in this optical illusion tells you if you’re ‘exhausted or wise’

Okay but why is it so creepy??

Don’t get me wrong, owls on their own? Cute. Cats on their own? Even cuter. But mix them together in a weird hybrid optical illusion and I’m absolutely horrified.

Well, it might be terrifying but this optical illusion and what you see first in it can apparently tell you a lot about your life and, namely, whether you’re “exhausted” or “wise beyond your years”. Umm, random but okay?

The illusion was created by TikToker Mia Yilin who is known for her many different optical illusions and it is a picture of a cat mixed with an owl. So, what do you see first?

Via TikTok

Well, if you saw the owl first then I’ve actually got some bad news for you – you’re exhausted. Apparently though, you’re a “competent and trustworthy person in your family and friend group. But you often feel like you can never catch a break trying to help everyone while also juggling lots of personal work.

“It’s exhausting but you just can’t help your selfless nature.”

However, if you actually saw the cat in the optical illusion first then you’re apparently an “old soul” with “wisdom beyond your years”.

“You’re someone who demonstrates maturity and wisdom beyond their age. You feel emotions intensely and get attached to things like music, movies, and people very quickly.”

Well, I’m just gonna use this as an excuse to go and have a nap right now, to be honest x

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Featured image before edits via TikTok.