Favourite MAFS Australia 2024 couple dramatically broke up FOUR times after filming ended

‘It was all an act, he would cry on the couch and everyone fell for it’

Fan favourite couple Jayden and Eden dramatically split up four times after filming for MAFS Australia 2024 ended. It’s been reported they had a genuinely good relationship and fell in love whilst filming, but after the experiment was when the couple’s problems began.

Jayden and Eden found themselves at the centre of rumours they were faking their romance for fame, and that they had a “secret pact” to stay together until the show ended, so they could get as much airtime as possible. They of course denied this, and said their relationship on the show was real.

So Dramatic! has reported after the reunion wrapped Jayden and Eden were fighting, and Jayden dumped her over Christmas, which was just a few days after filming had finished. “He would barely speak to her once they left the experiment,” it was said on the So Dramatic! podcast.

“Jayden wanted followers to promote his boxing. He went in with a plan, and fooled us. It was all an act, he would cry on the couch and everyone fell for it. The only person who didn’t buy it was Timothy.”

Jayden and Eden on MAFS Australia 2024

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Apparently the couple didn’t speak for weeks over the festive period, but then Jayden believed this would “make him look bad” so “came grovelling” to Eden to take him back. He allegedly told people he was going to hope she would dump him soon, so he “didn’t look bad.”

Yahoo Lifestyle has reported this pattern happened four times. A source claimed: “Jayden and Eden are only keeping their relationship public to build publicity around his kickboxing matches. They’ve already broken up four times since the show finished filming and while Eden still has feelings for Jayden, he isn’t into her.”

Despite all this, it’s believed the couple are still together now. They’ve been spotted and pictured together since committing to one another at the final vows, and a few Instagram posts whilst the show was airing heavy-hinted they were still an item. Eden’s dog was spotted in the background of some of Jayden’s posts, despite the couples not being allowed to obviously post together whilst the show was airing in Australia.

They’ve denied they were only staying together for fame, and have said they are still together now. “Yes, they’ve broken up since ending the experiment but they are currently together and better than ever,” the insider told Yahoo Lifestyle. But, there are also rumours floating around that they’ve split again – so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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