Jayden went onto MAFS Australia with a ‘game plan’ and was ‘coached’ by brother Mitch

A cast member says he ‘was on the phone with Mitch every day’ to ‘make sure he looked good’

It’s all coming out now, as MAFS Australia 2024 cast member Jayden Eynaud has been accused of being coached by his brother Mitch on how to look good whilst appearing in the experiment.

So Dramatic! has reported Jayden had a “game plan” ahead of MAFS Australia 2024, and was given loads of advice by his brother Mitch, who appeared on the show before him.

Mitch appeared on MAFS Australia 2022, when he was matched with Ella Ding. The couple looked like they were doing well, before Mitch brutally ended things at the final vows. Ahead of the reunion, Ella and Mitch got back together but Ella then said she felt “strung along” and Mitch had ghosted her. Mitch has since said he regrets his behaviour.

Mitch and Ella on MAFS Australia 2022

via Channel 9

“Mitch told Jayden everything before the show including what to do and what not to do,” it’s now been claimed. “Jayden went in with a full game plan. He was on the phone with Mitch every day debriefing with him and getting advice on what to do and how to handle things that arose to make sure he came off the show looking good.”

The MAFS Australia 2024 cast member source added Mitch has been through the experiment himself, so “knows how it works and how to manipulate producers and get a positive portrayal on the show.” They added Jayden took “all of Mitch’s advice on board in terms of what he wished he didn’t do, what he saw others do and how it all works.”

The cast member claimed Jayden was “putting on an act” and was “on his best behaviour to look good.” They claimed Jayden only went on MAFS to sell tickets to his kickboxing matches, and to get a social media following.

Jayden and Eden on MAFS Australia 2024

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A second cast member told So Dramatic! Jayden was “so fake on the show” and said it was “all a persona” and “nothing like” what Jayden is like in real life. “Unfortunately a lot of the cast fell for it,” they said. They claimed Jayden had told the other grooms that his brother Mitch had told him what to do on the show, and given him loads of advice “essentially coaching him” on how to behave.

“He only tried to stay with Eden to look good, just as Mitch did with Ella,” they claimed. “He’s no different to his brother.”

Jayden and Eden have previously been accused of having a “secret pact” to stay together until the end of the show, in order to get airtime and fame – which they have always denied. However, it’s since been claimed that Eden was much more into Jayden than he was her, and Jayden wasn’t really interested in the experiment at all.

Clapping back, Jayden said their relationship was completely real and told Daily Mail Australia: “I don’t know where these claims have come from, but that’s a load of crap. What you see on TV with me and Eden is exactly what you get.”

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