Revealed: Who actually controls the MAFS Australia cast’s Instagram posts and captions

‘When you want to be vocal, they’ll tell you it’s not approved’

If you’ve ever browsed the Instagram feeds of the MAFS Australia cast, you might have been wondering who actually runs the tightly organised accounts when the show is on, and who pens the captions. It’s pretty common knowledge when it comes to reality TV that social media accounts get taken over by production or get taken away from cast completely – just look at Love Island. Now, a former contestant of MAFS Australia has revealed who actually runs the Instagram captions and posts for them when they’re on the show.

On the So Dramatic podcast, Beck Zemek who was on the show in 2021, spoke about how the socials are run for the cast.

“The amount of times I wrote a caption and they’re just like, ‘No, you can’t write that [because] it doesn’t go with the storyline’,” Beck explained. She also said the cast have no clue what edits and storylines are airing per episode til it happens.

Beck continued: “So they will go, ‘No, you can’t say that’, or ‘Make it brief’… Then you’re getting… criticised based on the caption you put to a photo even though you don’t know what’s going to air.”

Beck explained further that cast are given a selection of pictures they’re allowed to post, including screen grabs from the ep. She says that sometimes cast come up with great content from what they’re given, but “sometimes you get really stuck.”

“You don’t want to… put your foot anywhere,” she explained, “But when you want to be vocal, they’ll come back and say ‘Sorry, it’s not approved’.

“‘You can’t say that’ or ‘you can’t mention that person’ or whatever it may be. There’s rules around it.”

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