Wait, now leaked texts claim Ridge got two women pregnant weeks before MAFS Australia?!

I can’t keep up!

So, it’s just been reported that Ridge apparently dumped two women to go on MAFS Australia 2024 and they have claimed he cheated on Jade with them AFTER filming had taken place. Ridge has denied the cheating rumours, but now some apparent leaked texts are claiming two women were pregnant by him just before the show?!

The drama all started when So Dramatic! reported that Ridge had cheated on Jade multiple times after they were matched on Married at First Sight. He denied these claims, but then the women themselves spoke to the publication and shared all about what went down.

Two of Ridge’s girlfriends from before the show claimed they were speaking to him during filming, and slept with him after the show, whilst he was still with Jade. To add to this, Ridge apparently asked BOTH women to wait for him whilst he was filming the show, so they could get back together.

Ridge apparently got women pregnant before MAFS Australia 2024

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Now, So Dramatic! is reporting the sources have shared their stories even more, and two women are claiming they were pregnant by Ridge weeks before MAFS. One of the women was a woman who previously spoke to the publication about their relationship whilst Ridge was filming, and another is a THIRD woman, who has come forward since!

“Ridge went to Germany after Greece and I went to visit my dad,” one of the women told So Dramatic!. “I got home a week earlier and picked Ridge up from the airport, not knowing I was pregnant. But little did I know that he’d taken a detour on his way home to the Gold Coast to see [the third woman], who he also ended up getting pregnant while we were still together. So both of us were pregnant at the same time.”

According to the women, neither of them chose to keep their babies as they didn’t want to be “tied to Ridge”. In leaked texts shown to So Dramatic! it appears Ridge told one of the women: “Don’t hate me, you’re probably carrying my baby.”

“I’ve never cheated on Jade,” Ridge said in a previous Facebook post. “We’ve had our ups and downs like in any relationship, but I’d never disrespect the future mother of my kids like that. Maybe you guys should check your facts before believing every bit of rubbish that’s posted on the internet.” Shortly after, he deleted the post.

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