A Brum student’s guide to staying friends with your first year flatmates throughout uni

You could all be friends if you actually took the bins out for once

As a Brum fresher, you’ll be more than settled into life at Birmingham Uni by now and you’ve either fallen out with all of your flatmates or you’re planning a summer holiday together. There is no in-between. As someone who’s still close with her first year flatmates, I’m giving you my tried and tested tips on how to make your halls friendships last into your second year, and hopefully, the rest of your life. 

Staying clean

This is the one that can make or break flatmate relationships. No one wants to live in a pigsty, so, to avoid definite awkwardness, I suggest putting in your share of the work when it comes to tidying up. If you’d prefer, setting up some house rules or making a rota from the get-go is an easy way to keep everyone accountable. 

Involving everyone

Whether it’s making dinner plans, watching a film, or going on a big night out, make an effort to involve everyone in the flat – nobody likes being excluded. If you’re planning something fun, knock on everyone’s door and invite them along. It might not seem like a lot, but trying to involve the whole flat goes a long way.

Respecting noise complaints

On the other hand, if you know that your flatmates aren’t up for spending time together but you’re still up for a night out, at least respect their desire for a quiet night in by turning down the house music to a responsible volume. We get it, uni is all about partying and having fun, but there’s nothing worse than missing out on a good night’s sleep because someone couldn’t resist blasting Murder on the Dancefloor at 3am.

Trying new things together

Even though taster sessions or freshers events are long over, there’s still plenty to get involved with at the uni. Picking up a new sport or hobby with a flatmate is the perfect way to bond and spend time together outside of halls. Societies welcome new members all year round. 

Asking permission to bring guests

No matter how stressed you are about inviting six friends to stay in your shoebox-sized room, your flatmates are probably just as nervous about strangers living in close proximity to them. Make sure to give everyone due notice so no one feels the need to hideout in their room.

Avoid flatcest at all costs

I’m not just telling you this for your own sake, but for the sake of your other flatmates. To save everyone the trouble of having to pick a side in the divorce, try to keep your hands to yourself.

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