Um, Andrew Garfield is dating a ‘professional witch’ called Dr. Kate Tomas

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In the most unexpected news of 2024 so far, Andrew Garfield has been spotted out and about with his new rumoured girlfriend in Los Angeles— and she’s a professional TikTok witch. Yup, you read that right.

Dr. Kate Tomas got a Master’s degree in philosophy of religion and a Doctorate in philosophical theology from the University of Oxford. But now she makes bank running a TikTok account (@drkatetomas) with 16.6k followers where she describes herself as a “professional witch” and posts about spirituality and astrology.

On her website, Kate says of her professional witch work: “I’m a philosopher, and spiritual mentor with over 23 years of experience, and a world-class education. I teach a combination of ancient and modern spiritual practices and rituals that engage your entire being, so that you can build a life of liberation and meaning.” Ok!


Replying to @jswin1111 magic for personal gain is essential as a tool of dismantling white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy as long as intrinsic to that magick is community and liberation for all #oppression #magic #witchcraft #witchcraftispolitical

♬ original sound – Dr Kate Tomas

Dr Kate has a best-selling book about Chakra Crystals, which calls her a “trained psychic and master magical energy strategist,” who can show you “how to have a more fulfilling life through the power of meditation-based crystal healing using your chakras.”

Andrew and Dr Kate were last seen together on what was seemingly a double date with Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham (weird). And really, we shouldn’t be surprised Andrew has gone for a crystals girlie, because he previously has spoken about his search for spirituality and once even claimed people could only truly know themselves by taking magic mushrooms:

“I think we are vastly unknowable unless we meditate 18 hours a day and/or go on mushroom trips to discover all the nooks and crannies of ourselves,” he claimed to The Guardian. Sure x


Am excerpt from Episode 10 of BBC 4, WITCH, featuring me. #psychic #witchtok #witchcraft #bbcwitch #bbc #witch

♬ original sound – Dr Kate Tomas

Anyway, at this stage very little is known about how Dr Kate and Andrew met. Up until early 2024, it was thought he was still dating the model Olivia Brower. But the hows and whys are honestly the last of my questions. I deeply need to know what spells they’ve been learning together and if Dr Kates got Andrew wearing one of her gold “talismans“.

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